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Poly graduate

The Web Hosting Package is the best package online. It really works
really works!  Thank you


                                         Ren Yang - Woodlands
1 week success

Hi Rosalind!

My Testimonial to you:
I am grateful for the past few days of coaching from you and the quick
start you provided me with. I am into the programme for less than 1 week
and get me very first earnings only 3 days ago:

-1st day: 33.90 US
-2ud day: 203.40 US
-today: 325.12 US

I believe you got the picture! I am overjoyed!!! And you as my mentor, can
be proud of me for sure! I will continue to work hard as promised and I
really hope to meet you one day and thak you in person.

                                             Siti - Pasir Ris
No more being an insurance agent!

Dearest Rosalind, I failed miserable being an insurance agent with all the fake
smiles and difficult customers  just to let you know, I received a check for
$950.00US two weeks after I started. Last week I received my second
check and it was for $2300. Thanks for everything. Honestly to god, till now
I still cannot believe it.                                                                                                    

                                                 Sally Koh- Hougang
Just want to say thanks

Hello and good day to you Rosalind. I am new to this online making money
business. And I am very skeptical at first. But by my 2nd day I had made
my 100.00 dollars.  Just thought of sending you an email to show my


                                             Mohm Amir – Yishun
No more being cheap labour for me

Hi, To cut a long story short, I used to work at a hotel for the banquet as a
waitress. It was hard and the hours are really tough on me. Chanceing
upon your website is really a big break. I have already quit my job and my
clickbank is
generating 100-200 daily. I have nothing but praise for this

                                                    Rathiga - Yishun
Student at Ngee ann poly

I don't know what to say other that thank you Auntie Rosalind! During my
first day, I earned  $30.00, the second day I earned $150.00 and eversince
then my account has been growing non-stop! I'm glad that I trusted you
and made the correct choice. I can't imagine myself still asking for money
from my parents or even working part-time for a mere 5-6 dollars per
hour. But one thing is I cant help wondering how much I
earned already
during lectures! lol


                                   Chen Xing Yuen - Clementi
Just finished my NS

Hi!! I am Daron, I just finished my NS and considered going back to
studying as I was a school drop out. But, I found this site and read Rosalind's
words. Now, I am drawing close to 300USD a day. I think that I do not have
to waste time studying, wasting the money just to get a good job. For me
now, I have the BEST job.

                              Lim Aik Li Daron- Bedok south
Tutor Who Had No Choice

Hello Rosalind,

I trust that you expected this success story after I sent you a scan of my
check. So here it is right from a guy who decided to
put down his pride for a
as you mentioned. I am an "A" level holder btw. Finished my
national service for some time now.. didn't make it to Uni...etc...

only afew months back, I recall very vividly that I could not get a job, and
was going through the "life sucks" drill, Hope you get what I mean. I could
not get a proper job so I just
tried calling those tuition agencies just to try
to find assignments to get me by. But everytime I get an assignment, half
of the first's month pay gets eaten up. Damn! They sure know how to
make a quick buck with my hard efforts.

Anyway, I was so ***** that I turned on the com and desperately tried to
find out how to make some money.. That is where, you guessed it..... I
stumbled across your site and just like the others had some doubts but still
dicided to give it a wack anyhow and who would have thought?.... Turns out
I started earning from the 5th day... YEAH!!.. I know, a tad slower that
the rest but who cares? I didn't stop earning yet right?

Well, I think I have said enough. Rosalind, believe it or not. writing this brings
tears to my eyes... yes yes.... I am a guy... but honestly. You made the
world of difference for me. Thanks
(!@#$@ those tution agencies)

P.s. Sorry about being so colourful with my language, I had to let it out. =D

                                   Elvan Sim - Serangoon Ave 4
Just finished my NS

Aunty Rosalind,

Firstly and foremost, a big thank you for all the coaching and responding to
my rather unnessary questions

I really wish I had came across you site earlier as you would find out below
where I would wish to submit my testimonial to you.

joined HYIP programmes where I had to pay an initial investment of 2
thousand dollars in the past and found out that I
got cheated of my hard
earned money
only the beginning of this year when I saw that the company
does not exist anymore, basically I couldnt find the site where I invested
my money on. Believe me when I tell you this is nothing compared to my
friends who have been conned a total of about 10,000 sing dollars.
This really made my blood boild as I felt like a fool who handed over my
money just because of my near-sight in investments. Anyway before I go
on, I would like to tell everyone that most hyip programmes and auto-surf
programms are just people out to decieve you. That is the bottomline!

As for my personal success story, *exited* I got to know your site by
surfing for "how to make money in ebay actually". Actually I was thinking
that you were another on out to cheat, pardon me on this. I admit that I
was gravely wrong already. I signed up knowing that this has a
60 DAY
and I felt that you were being very true from your prompt
replies through email and all.

Todate, I am earning about 160-200US Daily, thanks to you again for the
"kick start" and coaching. I can really understand why some of your
members can be so touched by your sincerity. Kudos to you.
You got my respect!

                                     Zhen Xiu Xia -  Katong
Another Victim of MLM free at last

Dearest Rosalind Jie,

I would like to submit a testimonial to you as mentioned earlier on i n my
email. I always get tricked into joining MLM business such as ------ and -----
(censored to avoid issues) selling magnetic mattress that cost more that a
thousand and health products.

To come straight to the point, I got stuck with the stocks that I was
tricked into buying and to make thing worse, my "upline" which is my
neice's Husband made me buy so many things to "test out" the products.
Eventually this "job" made my friends avoid me as I always bother them
to join, I only realised this when I noticed that I had no friends to confide
in and all I saw in my very own friends was the opportunity to make
money. I felt so bad about it and withdrew. I only hope that things would
be better in future.

But I know for sure I do not have to do all this degrading business
anymore after I found you. I Started out only in march and yes, only after
I got my first paycheck of USD1,985.21 that I decided to write this email
to you. By the way, my
next check is a total of USD2,694.32. (yet to
recieve) Thank you so very much! If not for your support, I would not have
achieved anything and maybe still stuck in the deception of mlm. Just a
message to anyone reading this, this is real and undeniable! You really do
not know what
you are missing out on if you do not join.

                                Jeanie Teo Mei'en -  Toa Payoh     
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